Should you submit?

Your idea will be seen by the public, so the answer depends on your goal:

Writing your idea

Think of your audience. They may explore hundreds of ideas. What will attract them to read yours?

  • Keep your idea short and sweet. The maximum length is 255 characters. If your idea is too long, you may list websites or other sources for further information.
  • Be honest.
  • Include relevant keywords anywhere in your idea. You may even list them at the end of your idea. That way, people can find your idea more easily.

Choosing topics

You will be asked to categorize your idea within preset topics and subtopics. You can choose up to 3 sets of topics and subtopics. Careful choice of topics will help lead the right people to your idea. How can you best choose topics?

  • Again, think of your audience. Here are 3 examples:
    • An idea for a high school biology textbook
    • An idea for a classroom biology project
    • An idea for an advanced biology method
    The best topic for the textbook would be Business products, Media because the idea should be directed to publishers rather than scientists or teachers. The best topic for the project is Education because it is targeted to teachers. The best topic for the experiment is Science. However, the other topics may also be chosen as the optional second and third topics.

  • Be specific. Since people exploring a topic will see the ideas in all subtopics under it, it is best to choose the lowest level subtopic that is appropriate. Though you can choose all subtopics at any level, people exploring a more specific subtopic would not see your idea.

  • If you find you've just chosen the wrong topic, you can use your browser to go back.


  • When people search for landmines, they can wear "snowshoes" made of Kevlar (bulletproof vest material) to distribute their weight and as partial protection. (safety,bomb,clearing)

    After the above idea was entered, it was listed under these topics: products, apparel; government, international; and organizations, health. Other topics that could have been used: products, health; government, national; organizations, anti-poverty; or science, engineering.

  • To keep taxes from getting more complicated, pass a law requiring that any laws adding to the tax code must also delete at least as much text from anywhere in the tax code. Hopefully, this will also keep tax forms from getting longer.

    The above idea is listed under these topics: government, national; and government, provincial. It might also have been listed under science, economics.

  • Clear M&Ms (candy,food,chocolate)

    This idea is under topic products, food. It is not listed under topic food, preparation because it is a business idea, not something you would make at home.

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