Alan Manning's ideas: (click suns to rate or comment on ideas)

1 Many tolled highways are avoided because of the cost. Instead, promote carpooling by exempting cars filled with three or more occupants. Prevents traffic jams and pollution. E-mail
2 To prevent further damage to our Earth, I think that we need to have education in our schools that teaches the consequences that our actions have on the Earth. E-mail
3 In most cities, there are many trash bins, but almost no recycling bins. To decrease the amount of waste, have recycling bins right beside garbage bins. E-mail
4 Often, people print on only one side of a piece of paper, and then throw it out. However, a piece of paper can be used again on the other side for draft copies. E-mail
5 To help learning drivers, a computer program should be developed that would be like a driving simulator. It would be no subsitute for real driving, but it would help drivers to learn the rules. (cars, driving) E-mail
6 Instead of having your computer find drivers for a specific piece of hardware, have the driver itself stored on a chip within the hardware. That way you wouldn't have to go to the trouble of finding drivers for unknown hardware. E-mail
7 To prevent medical problems from inhaling dangerous fumes (soldering, welding, melting plastic), a simple "fume-sucker" can be constructed using an old vacuum hose with a fan attached to one end. The hose can lead outside. E-mail
8 Linux is a free, stable and powerful operating system. It can be used along with Samba to access files stored on Windows computers. E-mail
9 Many people throw out their electronic gadgets because of simple electrical problems. To prevent this waste, basic electronics should be a mandatory course in schools so that people can fix things instead of throwing them out. (garbage) E-mail
10 Give people who are carpooling a discount at gas stations. This would reduce traffic congestion. (driving, energy conservation) E-mail
11 Instead of throwing away old computers, you can use them as web servers. Computers as slow as 33mhz can be used for this. E-mail
12 Often, people throw away recyclable material just because they are too lazy. To prevent this, small recycling baskets should be kept near each garbage bin in houses so that it is easy to recycle. E-mail
13 Instead of throwing out old computers, donate them to a developing country. E-mail
14 Most people do not know that some appliances still consume electricity when turned "off". To prevent this waste, pass laws requiring companies to clearly state whether their product does this or not. E-mail
15 The reason that we are poisoning the Earth with our waste is because Earth is overpopulated. I think that more governments need to pass laws restricting the number of children that are born. E-mail
16 Since incandescent lightbulbs generate more heat than light, why not use them to heat the house? A fan could be attached to most light fixtures to help move the hot air around. E-mail
17 Instead of throwing out biodegradable materials in the trash, put them in a separate container so that you can empty them onto a compost. E-mail
18 Require bikers to get a special biker's license if they are going to ride on roads because bikers who are ignorant of traffic laws put them and cars at risk of an accident. E-mail
19 Many schools still use chalkboards. An alternative to this is to use a projector connected to a computer. The teacher could use a touchpad to write things. This would prevent chalkdust, to which many people are allergic. E-mail
20 Negative ion generators may reduce indoor odors + particulates and may improve mood. E-mail
21 Crackers are very versatile snacks. Melt cheese on top, and ketchup, and they become pizzas. Or, make a mini sandwich between two of them. Crackers are often underestimated. E-mail
22 If "Space Elevators" were ever developed, ozone could be produced at the appropriate height to replace the ozone destroyed by CFCs. E-mail
23 To speed up the decomposing speed of your compost, put all the materials in a mulcher first. The resulting finely ground matter composts better and faster than un-mulched material. E-mail
24 Allow people who are under-aged to vote if they are going to become within the legal voting age before the next election. (politics, democracy, voting) E-mail
25 A large portion of household garbage is kleenexes. To prevent this, a number of washable hankies can be subsituted instead of kleenex. After they are used, they can be washed and are ready to go again. E-mail