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1 Research grant applications and papers should be accepted or rejected quickly. Now they take up to a year, during which time they may become obsolete. The delay accumulates since follow-up studies are slowed up to 2 years, etc. E-mail
2 Research is like lightning: many steps are made, but most are dead ends & only a few form the path of advancement. For 1 area, collect those papers in a book to understand generally how to earlier find key directions & save time. E-mail
3 Try to submit research articles only to journals available for free online. That will raise the quality of free journals, reduce the money universities spend on subscriptions, and raise access to information for scientists in poor countries. E-mail
4 Photosynthesis is the process by which plants split water using solar energy to get hydrogen. Research into artificial photosynthesis should be encouraged to produce hydrogen at lower cost than the electrolysis process that is being used today. E-mail
5 Water has to be released from the humid atmosphere. Instead of waiting for precipitation, we can find some way to apply the moisture from the airspace above water surfaces and land to obtain fresh water for growing crops. E-mail
6 Produce energy from the Earth’s rotation based from the North Pole. E-mail
7 People say the streets should be paved with gold. Instead, like maglev trains, roads could have a powerful magnetic lining under the surface. Cars would no longer have wheels, but magnetic undersides that were the opposite polarity of the street magnets.
8 To show electricity principles to students or as science fair project, use water: water height is like voltage, volume is charge, reservoir volume is capacitance, flow is current, pipe width is conductance. Water wheels show power. (science analogy) E-mail
9 A massive wisk in the waters around deserts to create a fine mist that would evaporate easily, causing it to rain more often in the driest countries. E-mail
10 What if our universe is just an atom of some massive world of which we aren't aware? Think about how an atom is structured: the nucleus and the "shell" (electrons). I can't fit the rest of what I need to say here, so e-mail me. E-mail
11 Water from oceans evaporates and we get rain. However solar energy is not being used to desalinate sea water. Encourage development of technologies to evaporate sea water on a large scale, and this can be used for hydro power generation & purifying water. E-mail
12 Can we convert sound energy to electrical energy to avoid sound pollution? E-mail
13 What about each country using their volcanos as landfills? The trash (non nuclear) would burn up, and fill in the faultlines. E-mail
14 One can create a room which will be invisible to others. Even an object can be made invisible. This'll bring a revolution in warfare and security. More information. E-mail
15 If "Space Elevators" were ever developed, ozone could be produced at the appropriate height to replace the ozone destroyed by CFCs. E-mail
16 Store the energy from a lightning bolt in a superconducting coil. The energy can then be used at a later time to power homes and industry. E-mail
17 An eco-friendly underwater rifle / gun can be made using a compressor that compresses water into ice. More info can be found here. E-mail
18 Multi-Dimensional Science offers the possibility of scientifically "proving" the "reality" of non-physical psychic, or spiritual dimensions of existence. E-mail
19 Positronium atoms (electron and antielectron) were made. Why not make proton-antiproton "atoms"? Maybe the protons wouldn't orbit like electrons because they are too heavy. E-mail
20 A glove with very strong magnets to pull things from far away, but the magnet only goes on a straight line so that it does not attract other objects. E-mail