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1 Emotion and logic are both needed for action. Logic alone can show something is true, but so what? Logic gives no motivation to act on truth unless there's a principle to motivate action: an "e-motion". E-mail
2 Most people are not all good or bad. We are not white hats or black hats, or even gray hats. We are multiple shades and colors, which change with the light and angle from which we are viewed, and they change with time, and with the eye of the beholder. E-mail
3 Why do people marry prisoners? Not for interaction. But they may seek a sense of ownership of a person. Like locking jewelry in a safe deposit box, jail is a secure way to keep a spouse. Ownership may also be one motivation for marriage in general. E-mail
4 People tend to call other people "bad" if they disagree with their values and thus act in ways they dislike. This is the source of much misunderstanding and conflict in love and war. We should avoid calling people "bad" and instead think "different". E-mail
5 I heard this: "I'm a historian, not a futurist." That's like a scientist saying, "I collect data. I don't make theories." The purpose of gathering data is to make theories to predict what will happen and improve the course of events. History should, too. E-mail
6 Murphy Analysis: Murphy's Law says whatever can go wrong will go wrong. When seeing whether some data fit your theory, erase your assumptions and brainstorm alternative theories the data could fit. Often one of those is right and your theory is wrong. E-mail
7 Government in many countries alternates between two options: dogma (theocracy) or dictatorship (or military rule). The third D, democracy, tends to lose as it lacks the intense personal reward of heaven (dogma) or wealth (corruption in dictatorship). E-mail
8 The Platinum Rule: Do to others what they like (not what you like, as in the Golden Rule). Even better, follow the Diamond Rule: Do to others what is best for all (not what you or they like). Please e-mail me if you try them to let me know how it goes. E-mail
9 Mind Over Matter: Behavior causes more death than technical deficits, & the ratio is rising. We're learning how to cure more diseases, yet behavior isn't improving as fast, thus causes of death are more & more preventable--smoking, TB, AIDS, poverty, etc. E-mail
10 We rationalize our immortal behavior. We deceive ourselves and often act as if we won't die, allowing ourselves to follow-through with actions that would be pointless if we fully accepted our mortality. E-mail
11 Research is like lightning: many steps are made, but most are dead ends & only a few form the path of advancement. For 1 area, collect those papers in a book to understand generally how to earlier find key directions & save time. E-mail
12 People find the best-fit curve through emotion and logic, and believe that. E-mail
13 As medicine improves, remaining diseases are more and more either psychological--we can prevent them but don't want to (diabetes/heart disease/stroke due to fat diet, smoking, AIDS)--or financial--we can prevent them but don't pay to (TB, malaria). E-mail
14 Social integration, universal brotherhood, etc., are mere words; unless they are applied with the real spirit as the base for the cause. It is but human to discriminate, hate and love. Spirituality alone will solve all such problems. E-mail
15 War, jealousy, materialism, patriotism, love of family: all are connected by the common emotion of possessiveness. Do people with low (or high) possessiveness share low (or high) tendency toward those phenomena? E-mail
16 Physical pain evolved to stimulate change (movement) to avoid or prevent further injury. Likewise, maybe emotional pain evolved to stimulate change to avoid harmful situations. E-mail
17 Substitute ethics for religious morality. Recognize that evolution requires humans as well as animals to struggle, and that nature will not permit a utopian civilization. E-mail
18 Students (especially research students) from outside Europe have problems with the theory of knowledge because they use the belief system. So teach them the Western theory of knowledge first to help understand knowledge by reasoning. E-mail
19 What, in a broad and unfocused sense, does education lack at every level? A global brainstorm, going for quantity of lines to get quality at the end. E-mail
20 Believing that for every negative action there is a positive reaction on its way. E-mail
21 Multi-Dimensional Science offers the possibility of scientifically "proving" the "reality" of non-physical psychic, or spiritual dimensions of existence. E-mail