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1 3D printer that consumes supermarket plastic bags E-mail
2 Emotion and logic are both needed for action. Logic alone can show something is true, but so what? Logic gives no motivation to act on truth unless there's a principle to motivate action: an "e-motion". E-mail
3 Instead of very heavy cast/fabricated steel supports/stands for equipment, try to design lighter (may be wider) open box type fabricated supports filled with concrete. Thus save on material, manufacturing, & erection costs of these items. E-mail
4 The Platinum Rule: Do to others what they like (not what you like, as in the Golden Rule). Even better, follow the Diamond Rule: Do to others what is best for all (not what you or they like). Please e-mail me if you try them to let me know how it goes. E-mail
5 Experiences with the EC indicate that a common market demands some level of legal, political and social harmony as well. Perhaps a solution to world conficts is to give opponents a stake in a profitable shared enterprise. E-mail
6 Liquid nitrogen airplane. Instead of kerosene, fill tanks with liquid nitrogen, which vaporizes through nozzles to propel plane. Safer since no fire danger; lighter since no jet engines; no air pollution; no noise pollution. Or use compressed air. E-mail
7 To explain exon splicing of genes, use film editing analogy: the action of a movie is like the gene's DNA, the filmed portion is like its RNA, the spliced and edited film is like mRNA, and the final prints or videos are like the protein. (science analogy) E-mail
8 Catch gray water (from washing dishes) and use for outdoor plants, vehicles. (I've seen plans for simple filtering through sand in an old barrel).
9 Mass produce instead of custom make oligos for gene mutation screening or SNP genotyping, to reduce prices. E-mail
10 Home Fire Protection: similar to tenting a home for termites. Sell homeowners a non-flammable tarp or sprayable material they can use to cover a home in case of a wildfire to keep it from burning. The tarp could be stored in a garage in sections. E-mail
11 Transparent tape--you can never find the edge! How about when you tear it the edge turns color at the tear? E-mail
12 A guaranteed and easy way to remove pimples completely is to drink half a bottle of water (room temperature) in the morning as soon as you get up. And don't drink water for 15 minutes after any meal. See amazing results in just 1 month. Abhinav Ralhan E-mail
13 A lot of infants have umbilical hernia. Current devices have a lot of disadvantages. Our idea is to put an adhesive band on each side of herniated navel and approximate these bands with previously glued velcro tape and so close the hernia defect. E-mail
14 Social integration, universal brotherhood, etc., are mere words; unless they are applied with the real spirit as the base for the cause. It is but human to discriminate, hate and love. Spirituality alone will solve all such problems. E-mail
15 Making a mistake is not a sin, but it's a crime not to acknowledge it. Pardon them who make mistakes but punish those who commit crimes. E-mail
16 To detect forest fires, develop a video camera to sense infrared and subtract visible to reveal hot spots. E-mail
17 Substitute ethics for religious morality. Recognize that evolution requires humans as well as animals to struggle, and that nature will not permit a utopian civilization. E-mail
18 Build a sailplane powered by man. (airplane,bicycle,flying,hobby,glider) E-mail
19 Airplane with air pump inside and hole in back. Pressing a button pulls a stick that turns on the pump, inflating a balloon that exhausts through a hole to propel the plane. E-mail
20 Instead of putting silicone of different sizes in women's breasts, could use plastic, adjustable golf balls, with the same mechanisms (pump) used to solve men's impotence. It will have user adjustable size (for different apperarences). E-mail