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1 Try to submit research articles only to journals available for free online. That will raise the quality of free journals, reduce the money universities spend on subscriptions, and raise access to information for scientists in poor countries. E-mail
2 High school level math should be taught through a case-oriented approach of learning as opposed to memorizing billions of useless concepts and eventually applying them in Calculus. Ask the ninth-grade student what baffled the math pioneers and teach that. E-mail
3 I love statistics, but have yet to find a comprehensive book that details relative probabilities of various everyday events and risks, and effective ways to apply statistics to real life. E-mail
4 Multiple Inputs & Outputs Analog to Digital Converter and Source Independent Binary Data Compression using modified binary search. Check my website for details. E-mail
5 Eliminate operating systems on personal computers. Applications would be distributed so that they can arbitrarily work with and within each other. Use declarative execution by embedded threads. See this. E-mail