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1 2 satellites collided, spewing debris that threaten other satellites. To prevent crashes, a UN agency should track all orbiting objects and program a computer to predict their orbits and potential collisions. Satellites could then maneuver out of danger. E-mail
2 An ionic exchange converter for removing carbon dioxide from car exhaust to prevent climate change. (automotive, CO2, emissions) E-mail
3 A spiral slide as a fire escape from tall buildings. It has a cover and may use seats (& seatbelts) on gears (to regulate speed). It goes 10 floors at a time. Access via metal, locked doors, opened only in an emergency. Faster than stairs. E-mail
4 To protect against loss of power to a nuclear power plant, use a water tower. Gravity can force cool water through the reactor until power is restored. E-mail
5 To better predict the magnitude of technological improvement, such as increases in oil reserves, use a top-down approach (extrapolating overall statistics), rather than bottom-up (trying to predict technology). Moore's Law is an example. E-mail
6 Divert carbon dioxide from power plants or other sources to greenhouses or fields to increase crop yields. Legumes may benefit most. E-mail
7 3D printer that consumes supermarket plastic bags E-mail
8 Air inside city buses can be more polluted than outside. Buses should completely flush their air when at clean portions of their routes, or should store clean air in a tank to release it gradually into the interior during the day. E-mail
9 Nanophone: a microphone to hear sounds at a microscopic scale, including cells moving and organelles moving. Maybe it could detect things that microscopes can't see. E-mail
10 Put a water jacket on air conditioning condensing coils/pipes so that hot water can be created for free (and make the a/c more efficient!). E-mail
11 Focus solar energy (mirrors) to run a Stirling (heat) engine for pumping water or AC power, esp. in remote places. Use ambient air or nearby water for cold sink. Focus sunlight on water or molten salt reservoir for an even heat source (thermal inertia). E-mail
12 Thumb print activation device on a credit card or ID/Access card. Card only works if your thumb is on the card. E-mail
13 Instead of very heavy cast/fabricated steel supports/stands for equipment, try to design lighter (may be wider) open box type fabricated supports filled with concrete. Thus save on material, manufacturing, & erection costs of these items. E-mail
14 Scratch 'n' Sniff Cook Book: This is a novelty cookbook where the reader will be given the option to smell some of the recipes/dishes in the book. (food) E-mail
15 Require that landmines be made with self-destruct mechanisms to make them effective for a time regarded as necessary for a military goal, but after that time ineffective via planned obsolescence or by broadcasting their presence. E-mail
16 There can be some sort of device (piezoelectric generator?) beneath the roads which when pressed by passing vehicles can generate power, and the road lights can be powered through them without fuel cost. E-mail
17 A food machine wherein a person has only got to insert ingredients and dish will be prepared by machine. (cooking robot) E-mail
18 Lay expandable polystyrene foam on roofs to insulate and reflect off heat and sunlight in very hot countries during summer. Also putting scrapped pieces of white ceramic tiles on the roofs with white cement could be a very low cost way to cool buildings. E-mail
19 Design elevator button panels as a single surface (like on microwave ovens) that can be easily wiped clean for regular disinfection to prevent spread of disease via the hand-surface-hand route. Panel must have Braille for the visually impaired. E-mail
20 With universal, cheap cell phone service, a wide range of real-time, health monitoring equipment could be deployed. With 2-way communication, patients can be directed to take action before a crisis occurs. The cost of such capability will decrease. E-mail
21 The train average speed falls due to stopping at stations. Increase average speed by not stopping. Passengers enter and exit by a pilot box which will add to the front or detach from the back of the non-stop train near each station. E-mail
22 Spectacles / head-band with a small but focused lamp (battery / solar-charged) mounted in one corner (adjustable angle), especially for reading on bed / train / aeroplane. (eyeglasses, light) E-mail
23 Braking distance lights on the back of cars to let the person behind you know if they are following too closely. Could use a tacho to measure speed and use a laser for distance measurement. Weather conditions could be measured too. E-mail
24 Ceiling painting flying robot based on quadcopter technology. E-mail
25 Use the same technology to dissolve gallstones (ultra shock) to dissolve roots of teeth that need to be extracted (especially wisdom teeth). That way, the tooth is removed easily and the near liquified roots will drain out with the blood. E-mail
26 If I have a card where all my personal data is stored, and can be carried anywhere such as banks, then when I need to fill a form, I will just insert this in a card reader. It will fill in the form automatically. E-mail
27 A small sensor in the door which can detect the darkness and switches on the door step light whenever you open the door in the night to go out. E-mail
28 Instead of having your computer find drivers for a specific piece of hardware, have the driver itself stored on a chip within the hardware. That way you wouldn't have to go to the trouble of finding drivers for unknown hardware. E-mail
29 To allow blind individuals to use computers or graphing calculators, an adapter could be developed that represents the data on the screen in a tactile format. E-mail
30 New inexpensive method of content (software/data) distribution lays in micro dots on film. Reading this will be faster using a digital camera. This method is already used in audio data distribution in movie film. This will be cheaper than CD distribution. E-mail
31 Walking chair for invalids: uses 8 identical electromechanised legs like a spider. It could be used for overcoming many of the obstacles faced by physically handicapped people such as staircases (including spiral staircases) and rough terrain. E-mail
32 Place giant magnifying glasses over solar panels to concentrate the sun's rays and make solar energy more efficient. E-mail
33 To develop schools for engineering, E-Learning will be suitable. This idea will yield a good return because the colleges won't have to keep repeating the writing and performance of lectures. E-mail
34 Design a plate, bowl, cup which will indicate the percentage of sugar and/or salt content. Like thermometer. To help diabetic and hypertensive patients. E-mail
35 Provide electric utilities without a grounded node. Isolation eliminates the most serious shock hazard situations. The traditional ground wire can still be used. However, grounded node might be needed to protect from lightning electrical pulses. E-mail
36 An electric motor for a bicycle that is charged using a brake system that instead of transferring kinetic energy to heat, creates electric current (while reducing wheel speed), like hybrid-electric cars. E-mail
37 To prevent tornadoes or hurricanes/typhoons from blowing out windows and roofs due to their low pressure, design buildings with vents allowing rapid outflow of air. E-mail
38 Car companies should adopt frosted glass technology. When you park your car outside, you press a button and the windows become opaque. This keeps out the sun and hides the contents of your car from would be thieves.
39 Use a temperature sensor on the ceiling fan to switch on when the room temperature is high and switch off when temp. goes to normal. This will save electricity, especially at night. E-mail
40 Dynamo power: The James Bond Package... Human powered satellite telephone and GPS system, with download maps. E-mail
41 Equip airplanes so they can be controlled by a pilot on the ground using a simulation-type device. This would prevent terrorist attacks. E-mail
42 An amusement theme park bumper car, made of lightweight N-pole magnet shell, that can hover and float along an S-pole magnet sheet lane. E-mail
43 A massive flotation (floatation) device that creates an artificial seafloor or lake floor about a meter under sealevel. This will cause the water above to evaporate more rapidly and affect the creation of rain. Surface can be colored to enhance effect. E-mail
44 Unarmed remote control aircraft seem to have unlimited potential. Mounting cameras on wingtips and front and back would enable stereoscopic vision. Depending upon mission, additional sensing capabilities should be added. E-mail
45 During summer in many parts of the world, the day temperature is high, but after nightfall temperature drops drastically. In those areas the air conditioners, if fitted with an outside temperature sensor, could directly pump in cold outside air. E-mail
46 If car stereo provides Audio-In connector, it will be easy to play our portable CD player songs from car stereo. E-mail
47 Hands-free computer: light-sensitive screen detects where you are looking by detecting laser pointer you wear on a visor. Good for people who are paralyzed or whose hands are busy. E-mail
48 Liquid nitrogen airplane. Instead of kerosene, fill tanks with liquid nitrogen, which vaporizes through nozzles to propel plane. Safer since no fire danger; lighter since no jet engines; no air pollution; no noise pollution. Or use compressed air. E-mail
49 A bluetooth device to insert into wall socket to measure electric usage and transmit to computer. Similar device to attach to wired devices like electric heater. Computer collects and produces usage graphics. Possible rental.
50 Combine a 3D printer and a fluorescent-activated cell sorter (FACS) to print cells to create tissue or organs. Also combine a FACS and an atomic force microscope to print cells in microscopic patterns to create tissue or organs. E-mail