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1 To reduce solid waste, use biodegradable plastic grocery bags made partly with tapioca starch. E-mail
2 Tattoos lasting only five or ten years, by use of special dissipating inks. E-mail
3 How to use transdural patch to monitor for things like sugar level: Use chemical which when mixed with certain concentration of sugar turns color or causes heat. This gives continuous, non-invasive testing. E-mail
4 Car companies should adopt frosted glass technology. When you park your car outside, you press a button and the windows become opaque. This keeps out the sun and hides the contents of your car from would be thieves.
5 Design a plate, bowl, cup which will indicate the percentage of sugar and/or salt content. Like thermometer. To help diabetic and hypertensive patients. E-mail
6 To keep bath time fun, make soap into a gel and dispense it like shaving gel! My kids love playing with my can of shaving gel; why not let them spread soap all over themselves in the bath? E-mail
7 Sugar that floats so that it doesn't sink to the bottom of the cereal bowl, but would melt in hot coffee. E-mail
8 Photosynthesis is the process by which plants split water using solar energy to get hydrogen. Research into artificial photosynthesis should be encouraged to produce hydrogen at lower cost than the electrolysis process that is being used today. E-mail
9 Any food stain on clothes can be removed by rubbing with boric acid powder and washing with water. E-mail
10 Transparent tape--you can never find the edge! How about when you tear it the edge turns color at the tear? E-mail
11 Cellulose fibers from plants can be nitrated with acids (like in propellant/explosive manufacturing) for use as high energy source. Additives/moderators may control burning rate for producing steam for power generation. E-mail
12 Water has to be released from the humid atmosphere. Instead of waiting for precipitation, we can find some way to apply the moisture from the airspace above water surfaces and land to obtain fresh water for growing crops. E-mail
13 A massive wisk in the waters around deserts to create a fine mist that would evaporate easily, causing it to rain more often in the driest countries. E-mail
14 Develop a machine or process (easily and energy efficiently) to erase text printed by laser printers so that paper can be reused. E-mail
15 If "Space Elevators" were ever developed, ozone could be produced at the appropriate height to replace the ozone destroyed by CFCs. E-mail