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1 Research grant applications and papers should be accepted or rejected quickly. Now they take up to a year, during which time they may become obsolete. The delay accumulates since follow-up studies are slowed up to 2 years, etc. E-mail
2 The latest research shows that a 30%-40% decrease in caloric intake increases monkey lifespans by 30%-40%. Experiments should be done gauging what effect calorie restriction has on mental capabilities, energy, etc to see if feasible for humans. E-mail
3 Harvest CD4/CD8 stem cells from HIV patient's marrow, then modify CD receptor gene so that its protein can't bind HIV (cf the HIV immune people in NYC), then autotransplant these stem cells to give partial new HIV resistant immune system. E-mail
4 Scientific journals should accept papers by e-mail rather than post to save time, postage, and trees. There are normally >7 mailings required (author to editor, editor to reviewers, and back, then repeat for revisions), delaying life-saving information. E-mail
5 Spinal cord regeneration is inhibited by myelin, but dibutyryl cAMP overcomes this inhibition in animals. Test db-cAMP in humans. E-mail
6 Using a pocket remote control device, switch off the neurons that send pain messages to the brain, eliminating the need for prescription pain killers. Although this is already a partial reality, more should be developed for other chronic pains. E-mail
7 How to use transdural patch to monitor for things like sugar level: Use chemical which when mixed with certain concentration of sugar turns color or causes heat. This gives continuous, non-invasive testing. E-mail
8 To reduce harm of smoking, breed and use tobacco plants with little or no nicotine. My wife is a specialist on growing of Oriental tobacco plants. She is a selectionist and is involved in seed production, and she has such experience. E-mail
9 Combine a 3D printer and a fluorescent-activated cell sorter (FACS) to print cells to create tissue or organs. Also combine a FACS and an atomic force microscope to print cells in microscopic patterns to create tissue or organs. E-mail
10 Brahmi (Bacopa bacosides, an Indian herb) seems to have a brain stimulating effect. Do more controlled research and publish the results. E-mail
11 Research is like lightning: many steps are made, but most are dead ends & only a few form the path of advancement. For 1 area, collect those papers in a book to understand generally how to earlier find key directions & save time. E-mail
12 To treat post partum depression, try giving the hormones of pregnancy to bring back the elevated mood temporarily. E-mail
13 Babies suffer a lot of pain after vaccination injections, mainly tetanus. Alternate oral/ inhaling/ ointment type should be developed. There can also be more vaccination to mother when the baby is in womb/ breast feeding. E-mail
14 To explain exon splicing of genes, use film editing analogy: the action of a movie is like the gene's DNA, the filmed portion is like its RNA, the spliced and edited film is like mRNA, and the final prints or videos are like the protein. (science analogy) E-mail
15 Develop drug to inhibit or reduce expression of insulin receptors only on fat cells since fat cell-specific insulin receptor knockout mice are lean and long-lived. E-mail
16 Find disease-causing gene mutations or polymorphisms by pooling together DNA from hundreds of patients and comparing with pooled DNA from healthy people using chips for detecting >100,000 polymorphisms. E-mail
17 Develop 2 drugs--one to slow & another to increase "coping mistakes of DNA" (mutations). Drug 1 will delay bacteria/viruses becoming drug resistant. Drug 2 will help agricultural & other developments that use selection methods. Both can have many uses. E-mail
18 Bone replacement could be done with coral, as the porosity would allow vascular tissue to grow into it. Gradually it would become as good as new living bone tissue. E-mail
19 If viscosity of tetanus vaccine can be reduced, then it will be less painful especially for babies. After a less viscous injection a medicated skin pad (like Band-Aid) can be pasted on that area to infuse further vaccine into the system. E-mail
20 By genetic engineering or selection, new types of bacteria can be developed which can feed on various viruses, thus curing the diseases. This can be somewhat similar to the treatment of bacterial diseases by bacteriophage viruses. E-mail
21 Mass produce instead of custom make oligos for gene mutation screening or SNP genotyping, to reduce prices. E-mail
22 A caffeine patch that has a timed release. Designed for non-morning people. Slap one on before you go to sleep and the caffeine kicks in after 8 hours to wake you up. E-mail
23 Photosynthesis is the process by which plants split water using solar energy to get hydrogen. Research into artificial photosynthesis should be encouraged to produce hydrogen at lower cost than the electrolysis process that is being used today. E-mail
24 When writing research papers, start with what you know, like doing a jigsaw puzzle. First, do the Figures, then Methods, then Results, then Discussion, and finally the Abstract and Title. Introduction may be added all along the process. E-mail
25 Some badgers can resist the venom of some snakes. Study the molecules involved to learn how, and to help develop treatments for snake bite or perhaps other diseases. E-mail
26 A scientific journal specializing in papers on genetic polymorphisms that interact. Often such papers are rejected from ordinary journals, maybe because they're too complex. May call it Journal of Interacting Polymorphisms. E-mail
27 Reform medical research: pick space agencies (ESA, JSA, NASA) because they will get more money if less is spent on medical, and they have experience coordinating international projects, a big deficiency in medical research. E-mail
28 A guaranteed and easy way to remove pimples completely is to drink half a bottle of water (room temperature) in the morning as soon as you get up. And don't drink water for 15 minutes after any meal. See amazing results in just 1 month. Abhinav Ralhan E-mail
29 Natural anti-depressant/anxiety/phobia/brain chemical fix. Because of evolution and today's society, do we have this chemical imbalance due to lack of exercise and stressful situations? If we run from lions, would that fix this imbalance? Sports may help.
30 Grapefruit juice inhibits metabolism of statins and some other drugs, thus boosting their potency. Study how to prescribe it with drugs to lower their needed dosage and thus save money. E-mail
31 Observe which media can help to produce more Penicillium colonies and the type of penicillin that they can produce in the environment. E-mail
32 Is the purpose of fever to raise the temperature to partially unfold viral RNA to allow siRNA to bind it and induce RNAi to fight viral infection? E-mail
33 Study whether snake venom may cure cancer by stopping the growth of tumors or even killing the cancer.
34 To treat brain diseases, use ApoJ or transferrin antibody to carry drugs into brain that normally don't cross the blood-brain barrier, such as proteins or oligonucleotides. E-mail
35 The increased cancer risk found in smokers taking beta-carotene may be due to antioxidant suppression of radical-mediated immune surveillance which ordinarily kills most tumors at an early stage. E-mail
36 Brain gene therapy: ex vivo infect microglia or invasive immune cells that will enter brain (through vessel walls) and disperse throughout brain. E-mail
37 As medicine improves, remaining diseases are more and more either psychological--we can prevent them but don't want to (diabetes/heart disease/stroke due to fat diet, smoking, AIDS)--or financial--we can prevent them but don't pay to (TB, malaria). E-mail
38 Some balms rubbed into the temples are supposed to treat headaches. Test whether the effective agent is the balm or the rubbing (message) by comparing the rubbed balm with a sprayed balm (no rubbing) and a rubbed inert balm (placebo). E-mail
39 Fever & heat shock: Maybe cellular heat shock proteins actually serve a purpose--to protect cellular proteins during fever. Fever may have the purpose of denaturing viral proteins. E-mail
40 Hypoxanthine hypothesis: Maybe high level of hypoxanthines in Lesch-Nyhan disease brain acts like methylxanthines, causing movements & even self-injury (like caffeine). Give deoxycoformycin to block ADA & reduce hypoxanthine level. (LND) E-mail
41 Screen a tripeptide library (~8000 permutations) for inhibiting Alzheimer's disease amyloid beta protein aggregation. Also try other libraries. (drug,AD) E-mail
42 Theory of Sleep: maybe the purpose of human sleep is not for the body to repair damage or for memories to be sorted and stored, but just to keep us from hurting ourselves trying to move around in darkness--a strong evolutionary pressure, I'd say! E-mail
43 CNTF gene therapy for glaucoma, to keep ganglion cells alive. Deliver by liposomes. (eye,trophic factor,retinal,drug) E-mail
44 To enhance recovery from heart attack, develop DNAzymes or RNAi against apoptotic factors to prevent apoptosis of heart muscle cells after heart attack. E-mail
45 A lot of infants have umbilical hernia. Current devices have a lot of disadvantages. Our idea is to put an adhesive band on each side of herniated navel and approximate these bands with previously glued velcro tape and so close the hernia defect. E-mail
46 The long-run (LR) effects of new medicines generally are not fully known. I think it is possible (though complicated) to build computer (dynamic) models of a typical person and simulate the LR effects of new and old medicines. E-mail
47 Applying pure rose water every night before sleep can greatly help in reducing pimples on the face. E-mail
48 Map our normal anatomy and design next generation MRI's and CT's to aid therapy by projecting the normal anatomy over each patient's anatomy so that doctors can readily see the abnormalities, which may be highlighted in different colors. E-mail
49 Negative ion generators may reduce indoor odors + particulates and may improve mood. E-mail
50 Screen the RAP gene for mutations in familial hypercholesterolemia. (FH,LRP) E-mail