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1 Government in many countries alternates between two options: dogma (theocracy) or dictatorship (or military rule). The third D, democracy, tends to lose as it lacks the intense personal reward of heaven (dogma) or wealth (corruption in dictatorship). E-mail
2 Why do people marry prisoners? Not for interaction. But they may seek a sense of ownership of a person. Like locking jewelry in a safe deposit box, jail is a secure way to keep a spouse. Ownership may also be one motivation for marriage in general. E-mail
3 Meta behaviors: some personality characteristics affect whole classes of behavior. For example, some people are more flexible in changing their behavior to get along with people; some are more sensitive to sensory input in general; etc. E-mail
4 Divide problems into parts: behavior, knowledge, or money (there's often overlap). Then it would be easier to focus on the most efficient solutions. AIDS as example: b. to use condoms, k. to make a vaccine, m. to pay for drugs. E-mail
5 Just as some people are hyperactive, some people are hypoactive. They're just not noticed because they are quiet. However, it may cause problems: aversion to exercise may harm health, and aversion to interaction may cause problems in marriage and work.. E-mail
6 Color-blindness in relationships: People are different and will feel some things that their partners don't, as if one is color blind to a feeling the partner sees as glorious, leading to confusion, frustration, and pain. Explain, understand, manage. E-mail
7 I heard this: "I'm a historian, not a futurist." That's like a scientist saying, "I collect data. I don't make theories." The purpose of gathering data is to make theories to predict what will happen and improve the course of events. History should, too. E-mail
8 People tend to call other people "bad" if they disagree with their values and thus act in ways they dislike. This is the source of much misunderstanding and conflict in love and war. We should avoid calling people "bad" and instead think "different". E-mail
9 Most people are not all good or bad. We are not white hats or black hats, or even gray hats. We are multiple shades and colors, which change with the light and angle from which we are viewed, and they change with time, and with the eye of the beholder. E-mail
10 Examples of group violence are constantly reported in the news, but little is done to prevent them. Group loyalty/hatred should be studied scientifically like other illness to find the psychological/social causes and, most importantly, preventions. E-mail
11 With >6 billion people on earth now, and ~30 billion in human history, don't you think we could find 50 or 60 of the brightest to figure out a way to eliminate the need for wars altogether? Maybe a permanent UN council? E-mail
12 To slow population growth, with 2 healthy children alive each time a couple makes a baby their socio-economic supports from government should be reduced and taxes increased. E-mail
13 People who don't like to argue and thus suppress their disagreements create peace on the surface but may feel angry or sad. They end up like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or more appropriately, Mr. Hide. E-mail
14 Experiences with the EC indicate that a common market demands some level of legal, political and social harmony as well. Perhaps a solution to world conficts is to give opponents a stake in a profitable shared enterprise. E-mail
15 For history to be more useful, it must not only gather data (the past), but also generalize from it to form hypotheses and make testable predictions. History could then be used to improve our world. Example E-mail
16 Use a new word to describe the role of a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend: FROLO, or FRiend, ROommate, and LOver. E-mail
17 Mind Over Matter: Behavior causes more death than technical deficits, & the ratio is rising. We're learning how to cure more diseases, yet behavior isn't improving as fast, thus causes of death are more & more preventable--smoking, TB, AIDS, poverty, etc. E-mail
18 Explain things frankly but simply to kids. They can understand from a young age and may thus learn and be able to deal with reality better. E-mail
19 We rationalize our immortal behavior. We deceive ourselves and often act as if we won't die, allowing ourselves to follow-through with actions that would be pointless if we fully accepted our mortality. E-mail
20 Wars are like earthquakes or other disasters: rare and intermittent yet devastating. Human nature, like plate tectonics, doesn't change, thus we can map wars over time to look for hot spots, like faults, and reveal causes. E-mail
21 By USA standards, India, China, others, are developing countries in some ways, however, these countries were far advanced before USA existed. This issue must be examined in more detail by experts. (history) E-mail
22 If we really want to make the world a better place, we must reduce the volume of bad news spread through all vocal & visual media. Why can't we market good news? Is it because our minds are built to look for bad stuff. Let's change for a better tomorrow. E-mail
23 Scientifically study irrational thought and behavior, its psychological causes and courses, so that it can be predicted and disasters prevented, such as war due to group pride, economic booms/busts, cults, etc. E-mail
24 A book or movie about what the world would be like if immigration among countries was open to all. It would be very different. E-mail
25 Physical pain evolved to stimulate change (movement) to avoid or prevent further injury. Likewise, maybe emotional pain evolved to stimulate change to avoid harmful situations. E-mail
26 The Baby Boom is famous, but shouldn't we analyze the Baby Bust? The birth rate in the now-rich countries was probably low from 1930-1945 due to depression and war. The Busters are now becoming elderly, affecting economics and medical care. E-mail
27 War, jealousy, materialism, patriotism, love of family: all are connected by the common emotion of possessiveness. Do people with low (or high) possessiveness share low (or high) tendency toward those phenomena? E-mail
28 Theory of Sleep: maybe the purpose of human sleep is not for the body to repair damage or for memories to be sorted and stored, but just to keep us from hurting ourselves trying to move around in darkness--a strong evolutionary pressure, I'd say! E-mail
29 To abolish corruption in developing countries, children and their friends of the top leaders and executives should be used to discipline their parents as it is they who are going to inherit the corrupted system and get affected by it. E-mail
30 People repel each other due to the psychological equivalent of dark energy: pickiness. Yet couples stay together due to dark matter: a kind of one-way switch that's flicked when they fall in love and keeps them attracted no matter what. E-mail
31 Making a mistake is not a sin, but it's a crime not to acknowledge it. Pardon them who make mistakes but punish those who commit crimes. E-mail
32 Hodges' Health Career (Care Domains) Model [h2cm] provides a concept map that can be applied universally. The model encourages holistic approaches, reflection and sharing of ideas to promote understanding. E-mail
33 When dealing with crisis situations, stay in "computer mode": Do not act emotional or shocked, and phrase personal questions in a general way (example question for a suicidal person: 'What are some ways that people hurt themselves?'). E-mail
34 If coffee, tea, and chocolate keep people awake, maybe other foods do too. Study by assigning people to fast or not after lunch. Counter the placebo effect by having half the people in both groups also take an herbal anti-insomnia capsule. E-mail
35 Keep boys and girls in two different classrooms from grade 5 (age 11) and up. We did that last year at my school and it helped improve marks, especially with maths. They can always play together at recess or as part of special assessments. E-mail
36 Sensitivity to heat and emotions may correspond. To test this in a group of volunteers, give a psychological test and a cup of tea. Heat the tea to different temperatures to find each subject's highest preferred drinking temperature. E-mail
37 Multi-Dimensional Science offers the possibility of scientifically "proving" the "reality" of non-physical psychic, or spiritual dimensions of existence. E-mail
38 Cleaning garbage in big cities is a big problem. Why not train monkeys to do the job? They may also be trained to deter people from dumping garbage anywhere. E-mail
39 Before a student can benefit from experiences of others, she or he must have a way to identify themselves and give more weight to experiences of similar people. Alternatively they must understand how to transform themselves. E-mail
40 It is possible that in 10 years or sooner we will regard armed remote control aircraft as weapons as we now view use of atomic weapons. They are becoming super efficient but beyond our ability to control. E-mail
41 Indian democracy is the best in world, but there must be an EDUCATED VOTE, meaning that academics must be given the priority. Literate people should have more votes. E-mail