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1 Research grant applications and papers should be accepted or rejected quickly. Now they take up to a year, during which time they may become obsolete. The delay accumulates since follow-up studies are slowed up to 2 years, etc. E-mail
2 Try to submit research articles only to journals available for free online. That will raise the quality of free journals, reduce the money universities spend on subscriptions, and raise access to information for scientists in poor countries. E-mail
3 Biomedical research: agencies getting government funds must provide periodic reports on the use of their funds and how it relates to work of other groups. This is to avoid duplicate work and share information. Reports must be understandable to the public. E-mail
4 What if our universe is just an atom of some massive world of which we aren't aware? Think about how an atom is structured: the nucleus and the "shell" (electrons). I can't fit the rest of what I need to say here, so e-mail me. E-mail
5 The world's leading countries should combine their resources to send people to Mars. It would break up the cost of the project and help unite (and pleasantly distract) the world in this time of political instability. E-mail