IdeaExplore Award Winner

Swarup Dutta, of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, won the $100 Award for November 2003 for sharing his uses of ideas which he found on IdeaExplore. He has also contributed many ideas. He comments:

I am so happy & excited to win this award. For the first time I am winning an award for sharing & implementing ideas. From my childhood I have a hobby of thinking about new ideas and then detailing it as much as possible. But other than sharing few with some of my friends & family, most of the ideas remained in the papers which even I have forgotten also. Sparing a few ideas that I have implemented as Project- Engineer in my Project Construction job, I have never been able to share my ideas with too many people. Your site gave me the opportunity to do that. I really enjoyed the fun & challenge to find new ideas every week. I am also regularly using 4 ideas I found from your site. Using these ideas has been helpful, but for me finding new ideas every week has been really challenging. I sincerely hope that more Industrial / Govt. Organisations should regularly visit your site because most of the ideas can be really useful for them. From your philanthropy the industrial houses have the opportunity to earn millions by implementing some of the ideas. They must grab this opportunity. Thank you very much for running such a wonderful site. I am also thankful to my friend Suman Banerjee for informing me about this excellent site.

Thank you, Swarup!