IdeaExplore Award Winner

Soumi Dutta, of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, won the $100 Award for December 2003 for sharing her uses of ideas which she found on IdeaExplore. She has also contributed many ideas. She comments:

Thank you very much for selecting me as the winner of the IdeaExplore Dec. 03 award. I am very happy & excited on winning this award. When I started sending ideas to your site, I had never expected to win this award. I was interested about your site because it gave me an opportunity to have my simple ideas enlisted for display to all. After that I benefited by using 2 ideas from your All Ideas list and double benefit by winning this award. At New Year this is an excellent gift for me. I shall remember this throughout my life. Thank you very much for doing such an excellent social service to help others benefit.

Thank you, Soumi!