IdeaExplore Award Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the $100 Award for August: Bill Rao, of Suva, Fiji. He was the most regular contributor of ideas in August 2002, submitting accepted ideas during 3 weeks of the month, as well as in many previous weeks. Although the winner should submit at least one idea each week during the month, he has been the second most prolific of all contributors, and therefore an exception was made to honor his outstanding and consistent contributions.

On accepting his Award, Professor Rao says, "Many thanks for the award. I would use half of the amount to support an Indian language (Telugu, spoken by about 65,000,000 in India) quarterly webzine I run, e-Telugu Patrika. I am a university teacher of economics but literally grew up in the engineering workshop of my family. I used to tell my students and still tell my son, Dr Pankaj Rao, that when I was young I used to fix watches with kitchen knives and spoons. So some of my ideas might have come to me from my childhood experiences. I sincerely hope that the many wonderful ideas and creative suggestions from IdeaExplore would one day benefit mankind."