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1 Divert carbon dioxide from power plants or other sources to greenhouses or fields to increase crop yields. Legumes may benefit most. E-mail
2 Vending machine manufacturers should program their vending machine dispensers to rotate past 360 degrees, like 380 degrees, then go back 20 degrees to a neutral position so that your chips or candy will fall down every time. E-mail
3 Fast food automated drive thru station that allows you to touch keys to place your order. When order is placed, it is sent directly to the food prep person, and gives you an order #. Cashier matches order numbers and gives the customer proper order. E-mail
4 A chain of drive-thru healthy food restaurants that provide a menu including nutritional info and compatibility with popular diets (Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc.). Also serves bagged lunches. E-mail
5 Since Chinese restaurants keep fishtanks to let diners select live fish for their meal, why not keep a garden next to a restaurant where diners could select their own live vegetables, fruits, and herbs? You couldn't get more fresh. E-mail
6 In restaurants, the server writes down your order then walks to a screen and inputs the order. Instead, the server could carry a wireless pad (pocketsize) to record the order at the table to save time and reduce errors. E-mail
7 Like fish and meat shops, vegetable shops could have counters to clean, cut, and package vegetables bought by customers. Saves time at home and may actually increase the consumption of vegetables.
8 Donut shops throw donuts away every midnight. Those donuts could go to hungry children. Food wouldn't go to waste and children wouldn't go hungry. E-mail
9 An idea to save time and money at the grocers would be to put a scanner on the baskets so you would know your spending amount. It would add taxes too, and you would just pay the cashier. E-mail
10 It would be useful to have a vacuum packing option at fresh food shops. Keeps food longer.
11 To reduce solid waste, use biodegradable plastic grocery bags made partly with tapioca starch. E-mail
12 World Desserts: chain of cafes selling desserts from different places around the world. Would be popular since people may find a dessert there that they love but can't find anywhere else in their city, thus attracting a loyal following. E-mail
13 Chinese food is worldwide, except Chinese dessert, like almond cream, sesame shakes, or azuki sundaes with condensed milk. Sell them in big city, where people are willing to try something new. If you try this, please e-mail me. (restaurant,cafe,recipe) E-mail
14 Encourage the growth of health conscious takeaway food shops, independent or as a part of the supermarkets, to save time on cooking at home every day. E-mail
15 Fast food chains should include one helping of vegetables in all their burger and other menus, for example, disguised as finely chopped vegetables added to the burger or more salad into the burger beyond the lettuce leaf! Roopa Karkhanis E-mail
16 A fast food restaurant with internet cafe capabilities. The spin on the fast food however is that the food is left in fridges for people to see and pick out, made fresh daily. Sort of like the frozen food section. E-mail
17 Supermarkets could provide radio ID tags on each of their items (with product & price info) so that you could just walk though a passage and your smart card with digital cash gets debited automatically, and the bill pops up from a slot for you to collect. E-mail
18 Click,, & daily to donate 7.3 cups of food to the hungry for free (sponsors pay). E-mail
19 New, small businesses could buy their equipment, furniture, and computers cheaper by using an online auction service, such as ebay or yahoo. Those closing a business may also recover more by liquidating stock or equipment using online auctions. E-mail
20 A vending machine for frozen dinners, with a built-in microwave. E-mail
21 Community online grocery store where you can send your shopping list via internet and then pick it up. You would save shopping time, and store would save space (and cost) since no retail space or checkout lanes would be needed. E-mail
22 A voice recognition system that allows fast food companies to have more time for food preperation. This also eliminates time issues. (restaurants) E-mail
23 For food with many bones/shells, like crab or shrimp, restaurants can offer fillets. Though some people enjoy the challenge of digging out the meat from the shells, other people just find it annoying. E-mail
24 Restaurants where no one has to eat alone encourage people to share tables just for the fun of socializing. No obligations, NOT a dating service, always separate checks. Any cuisine, anywhere. E-mail
25 For healthier fast food, salad dressings can very easily incorporate healthy vegetables like pumpkin & carrots instead of just mayo dressing. It can be lowfat mayo+yoghurt+fine chopped herbs. Burger buns could be wholemeal. E-mail
26 To prevent natural peanut butter from separating into oil and solid, invert boxes of the bottles weekly in factory, warehouse, and store, or sell quickly like perishable items. At home, store upside down to help mix it. E-mail
27 Open a temporary employment service strictly for the food industry. They get so many call-ins and walk-outs that they're always shorthanded. E-mail
28 Transport frozen meat rather than livestock. Creates employment in decentralized cities, improves quality of meat by reducing stress during transport on livestock, reduces pollution since less transport required for meat than livestock. E-mail
29 Soft drinks should be covered with a small, form-fitting plastic cover over the portion of the can used to drink from until opening, to prevent the need to wash cans before drinking. They can get pretty dirty sitting in a warehouse. E-mail
30 Restaurant serving a Mediterranean diet: olive oil, lots of fresh herbs and vegetables. I'd eat lunch there often.
31 Put a bucket near the trash bins at fast food restaurants for the leftover ice. E-mail
32 A bagel sliced in three: 2 for the toaster, the 3rd for whatever you want to put on it. Bagels are getting bigger and fatter. E-mail
33 Only 400 mg of the brand "Equal" sugar equals 5 bags of regular old-fashioned sugar. "Equal" sugar has no after taste. Restaurants should use it instead of sugar. E-mail
34 This site sells authentic and original mexican recipes that could be used by restaurants in general. E-mail