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1 Permanent UN fund for disaster relief so that emergency aid can be spent quickly when needed, instead of begging and waiting for donations while people die. Fund it with regular dues or taxes. Now it's been created: CERF. E-mail
2 Establish an institution that is a combination of old people's home, destitute women's home, and orphanage. This will create an institution with three generations of people requiring help or support under one roof, and these people can help each other. E-mail
3 Save life by donating a kidney to a stranger. You may trigger a "domino transplant", in which several donors who were willing to give a kidney to a relative, but were immunologically incompatible, give instead to a stranger. Thus, many lives are saved. E-mail
4 The majority of our leisure time is spent in the comfort of our own home. Put some of that time to good use by volunteering for the benefit of worthy causes. For a huge list of suggestions visit Help From Home. E-mail
5 A program in which parents are nominated for best parent(s) of the year. The government or private sector could get involved by paying their bills for a year while they give seminars and workshops to others on how to be an effective parent. E-mail
6 Examples of group violence are constantly reported in the news, but little is done to prevent them. Group loyalty/hatred should be studied scientifically like other illness to find the psychological/social causes and, most importantly, preventions. E-mail
7 A charity "mutual fund", like Community Chest or United Way. But instead of giving to local charities, it would give to the most efficient charities in the world, as defined by cost per DALY. E-mail
8 The Platinum Rule: Do to others what they like (not what you like, as in the Golden Rule). Even better, follow the Diamond Rule: Do to others what is best for all (not what you or they like). Please e-mail me if you try them to let me know how it goes. E-mail
9 To improve living standards of the poor, each poor family can be attached with a well-to-do one. The latter can help the former, viz. in sending their children to schools, advising them on health and hygiene, and planning children's higher studies. E-mail
10 Monthly magazines cater to all different tastes. Visually impaired people (VIP) have all different tastes. However, monthly magazines are not normally accessible to VIPs. A sighted person could provide a reading service via the phone. (blind) E-mail
11 Find a girlfriend/boyfriend, but don't marry unless you desperately want kids. People often change drastically and inflexibly (with decreased sex drive, for example) after marriage or children, and then you're stuck. It sounds sad, but it's true. E-mail
12 Book of advice from different religions. E-mail
13 Poor people are always engaged in, mostly, physical activity and do not get good and adequate food. We can have community kitchens, run by rich people/organisations, so that poor are free from the worry of food. There is enough charity available. E-mail
14 A website listing all pundits in an area so that it's easy to get puja (Hindu rituals) done in a correct manner and time. E-mail
15 Encourage each of us to listen more to the views and ideas of others. Too much emphasis is placed on selfish assertive skills. Instead provide good listening skills to hear how others may be hurting and how we all can help each other. E-mail
16 There are frequent reports of child-bashing & capital punishment of school children by teachers (sometimes proving fatal). There is an imperative need for starting an NGO 'Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children' (SPCC), on the lines of the SPCA. E-mail
17 In Haiti, a major cause of flood damage and death resulted from deforestation to provide heating fuel to an overpopulated country. To reduce flood damage and death, control population growth to that which is sustainable. E-mail
18 The United Nations should maintain a volunteer army to quickly prevent genocides or impose peace if member states agree to take action. (UN,peacekeeping) E-mail
19 People are setting up a Twitter account to raise $1,000,000 for charity. Can they do it? See or TwittaCause. E-mail
20 Visually impaired people still need pictures to convey things, e.g., for websites, educational coursework, or artwork. A voluntary picture finding service could be set up to facilitate this. E-mail
21 Publish and distribute small comic books that could be concealed in clothing. Language: Arabic. Characters: Islamic holy men as the heroes, quoting the Quoran and speaking against war. Also make children anti-war heroes. E-mail
22 Global climate change and uncontrolled population growth must be addressed together. Considered together, there is an equity that most of the world's population can embrace and commit to.
23 War, jealousy, materialism, patriotism, love of family: all are connected by the common emotion of possessiveness. Do people with low (or high) possessiveness share low (or high) tendency toward those phenomena? E-mail
24 On the whole, tourists are unfamiliar with the countries they visit, so when they come across an opportunity to donate something physical, e.g. pens to a school, they are ill prepared. A voluntary service/website could be set up containing information. E-mail
25 Freecycle for the Blind: is a popular global recycle forum. People post offered and wanted used items. Be the eyes for a visually impaired person who wants something. E-mail
26 Have food producers package non-marketable foods for government distribution to low-income families. Reduces or eliminates food from being thrown away due to label misprint, appearance, etc. E-mail
27 Start a global movement to get every country in the world involved in the building/rebuilding of war-torn countries.
28 In countries like India, generally people are found peeing on walls in spite of strict notices on the wall. One way to stop this can be by painting pictures of god on the wall. This can be effective in curbing the graffitti problem in western countries. E-mail
29 Many people don't donate organs because they fear they won't be reincarnated with incomplete bodies. To get more organs and save lives, spread a rumor that each organ donated adds another afterlife, as each part of a cut worm grows into a new one. E-mail
30 Start a fundraiser for storybooks and stuffed animals. Then find a nearby children's hospital or orphanage, and bring them to the children. Ask to spend time with the children so you can read them a story and talk with them. Make them feel loved. E-mail
31 Lack of social trust leads to religious excesses. Establishing a non-political, non-religious trustworthy organisation which teaches different perspectives along solid ethical lines would help overcome social isolation. E-mail
32 Parents and/or churches could send their college-attending students a care bag with things like writing utensils, staples, snacks, and anything else students are likely to need. E-mail
33 Provoke lateral thinking. Have your youth group design a church that promotes worship, fellowship, prayer, and communion with God. Rather than, as most are designed, like a lecture hall. E-mail