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1 Sell special worms that make your compost work faster and better. Clean, helpful, and profitable. E-mail
2 Used pantyhose make an excellent disposable collector bag for grass clippings from your power mower. They can be held in place on the mower with a short bungee cord. They are very amusing to see standing up. E-mail
3 Plants can help save energy. Deciduous trees let winter sun through bare branches and block summer sun with leaves. Ivy can trap a layer of air near the building (reducing convective air movement that steals heat). E-mail
4 To declare his love to a girl, a boy can start growing a tree and present a flower/fruit/leaf from it when he proposes his love to that girl. This will show his patience/affection towards her. E-mail
5 A Christmas tree skirt with a slit in it. This would make it easier to wrap around your tree. Make slit and add velcro to close. E-mail
6 A way to store and process animal waste (dogs and cats) into a type of fertilizer to sprinkle onto your yard flower beds, etc. E-mail
7 A device easily attachable to your lawn sprinkler system to which you could add powdered fertilizer. Let your sprinkler system do the work of fertilizing, and forget about it. E-mail
8 Tea contains iron and other nutrients that are good for plants. So instead of throwing your used tea bags in the garbage, put them in your garden! E-mail
9 Plant native, desert plants around buildings in dry climates, rather than try to plant humid climate grass and flowering bushes.
10 Instead of throwing out biodegradable materials in the trash, put them in a separate container so that you can empty them onto a compost. E-mail
11 Mint is an easy herb to grow. But beware; it can spread by its roots to take over a garden, so better keep it in a pot.
12 Just like seedless grapes, why not grow seedless watermelons? E-mail
13 One of the easiest herbs to grow is rosemary. It is also very strong, so even a small plant will season a lot of food.
14 To speed up the decomposing speed of your compost, put all the materials in a mulcher first. The resulting finely ground matter composts better and faster than un-mulched material. E-mail
15 For picking up leaves, twigs, and excess grass, you can use a lawn vacuum. It will shred leaves and deposit them into a bag attached to the vacuum for easy disposal. E-mail