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1 It would be cool if video rental stores had a website or a channel on interactive TV that let you scroll through their selection of videos, so you can find a movie to rent before making a trip to the store. E-mail
2 A website for downloading short movies made by the hobby film makers. Some of them, though of 10 minutes duration, are excellent to watch and quick to download. E-mail
3 FOX Family Made-for-TV-Movie Idea: An extremely short man who is an amazing shot in basketball never gets a chance to prove himself until he makes a half-court shot through a promotional contest and gets a contract with the pros. E-mail
4 A website that compares your movie ratings with those of other users to pick people with tastes like yours and suggest movies you'd like, including new movies. E-mail
5 G-rated Shock Value: More shocking than R-rated stuff. E-mail